Galatasaray vs Chelsea by Foxserkan

First thing is first that Galatasaray will not be in a trouble of resting their foreign players as this is Champions League tournament and unlike in Turkey Super League they do not have to choose 6 foreigners players from the squad. Therefore Mancini will be able to line up his eleven with more alternative selections. So any comment made by the league performance of Galatasaray do not reflect the reality. Mancini is a head coach who defeated Chelsea 6 times in 11 meetings.


WON 14.04.2013 Chelsea 1-2 Manchester City FA Cup


WON 24.02.2013 Manchester City 2-0 Chelsea Premier League


DRAW 25.11.2012 Chelsea 0-0 Manchester City Premier League


WON 12.08.2012 Chelsea 2-3 Manchester City Community Shield


WON 21.03.2012 Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea Premier League


LOST 12.12.2011 Chelsea 2-1 Manchester City Premier League


LOST 20.03.2011 Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City Premier League


WON 25.09.2010 Manchester City 1-0 Chelsea Premier League


WON 27.02.2010 Chelsea 2-4 Manchester City Premier League


LOST 04.11.2003 Lazio 0-4 Chelsea CHL


LOST 22.10.2003 Chelsea 2-1 Lazio CHL


“We are very strong at out home field. We need an absolute victory before the second leg in London. I know that we must perform 100% to achieve this. But I remember Inter was in the same condition as Galatasaray but we lifted the trophy in that season when our rivals were considered to be the biggest favorites.” said Wesley Sneijder the important Dutch midfielder.


“I am very glad to be in Galatasaray and it is a real joy to live in Turkey. Galatasaray fans are brilliant. I will be very happy if I hit the nets of Chelsea. Respect.” said Didier Drogba one of the best living striker on planet earth.


Galatasaray will probably begin this match with 4 defenders consist of Telles, Semih, Chedjou and Eboue. In front of these Ceyhun will be the link between midfield and defense. I must emphasize the importance of Ceyhun here. Since Mancini took over Galatasaray Ceyhun plays this role perfect and with his existence such midfielders like Selcuk, Sneijder and Melo became more productive and efficient. However this kind of developments can not be found in UEFA official website or BBC. IMO the improvement of defense line is a result of Manicini’s Ceyhun and such players like him are always a hidden hero. In midfield such creative players like Sneijder, Selcuk and aggressive player Melo (who is one of the best current player of Turkey Super League) will be lined. I must mention that Melo is playing his best football I have ever seen so far. He deserves a big applause from all the fans. There is no important absent in Galatasaray and everyone is ready and fully motivated waiting for this match to record a victory in front of 52.652 Galatasaray fans.


I am not going to talk very much about Chelsea because I do not live in England and follow English Premier. However as far as I know they do not have a good striker. This is not my word. These are the words of their head coach Mourinho. I am sure with his words such strikers like Torres and Eto must have felt bad. IMO such veteran players are more vital for such important matches like this. Well it is also a fact that he said his team lacks striker for Premier league not Champions League. In fact Chelsea are not coming for a victory and they will be happy to record a draw in Istanbul.


Bookmakers are making an other mistake here. Galatasaray are not underdog and they can never be underdog when they play at home. However this life is full of illusions. If I tell you that cow milk is an harmful drink and advice to keep away then many people would think I am mad however in fact cow milk is a very harmful drink for your bones and causes osteoporosis. Trust me and only drink your mother’s milk. It is one of the biggest lie that cow milk is healthy for humans like it is a big lie that Galatasaray are underdogs in pin
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Galatasaray DNB William Hill 3.00 10 1-1 PUSH (Stake return)
* Odds as of post published time and are subject to change.
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Comments (32)
Mancini: "I think Chelsea has an 80% chance of beating us"

Is he honest or is this mind game?
02/26/2014 - 13:05
Terence Doosi
Hope you rite, but dont choose with your heart but look at the standard of both leaques.its hard to say which is a stronger one, and it would also have taken a blind coach to beat chelsea with the players man city had .under Mancini, thats why he was fired...
its a hard game, but i thinks chelsea will win if Tores plays.
02/26/2014 - 13:15
Mancini is a bad coach, don't trust his teams.
02/26/2014 - 14:34
Hey,can you tell where you read abt that fake thing abt cow milk causing osteoporosis,you even knw the meaning?
02/26/2014 - 15:09
There is no way this bet wins,least a push!!!
02/26/2014 - 15:24
Drink monkey milk. They have got the most similar DNA to humans. Why cow milk? An animal which is very different then human.

Do yourself a favor and know that there a lot of lies in this world. And do something different my friend. The best slaves are the ones who believe they are free.

Same thing with odds. Many odds are a lie. PPL forget that this game is played by equal amount of men. And every match is a different story. I am not saying GS will win the trophy this season (they will one day) I am saying GS are underestimated in th
02/26/2014 - 16:29
this game 2.5 under
02/26/2014 - 18:27
The odds history is bringing a big smile on my face once again. :) 2.67 the top now, I got 3.00 as you tipped. People should realise that it's not about if the bet will win today. It's all about winning in the long run and this bet seems to be value again. Well done foxserkan.
02/26/2014 - 19:14
so you are against animal milk?then you suggest we should drink human milk?how many pregnant women will sell?lol..if we do not take milk,whats the source of calcium then?only by tablet supplements?
02/26/2014 - 19:53
You are right ,it is played 11 vs 11..but quality is in chelsea team,stop being like most of the Gala fans,do all the noise,all the stuffs to intimidate,remember the 1-6 from Real,tonight a 2-1 will be enough,but chelsea will win
02/26/2014 - 19:55
@Fermin I like the way you understand me. You are right the bet has value and can even be arbitrage during the half time. On the other hand you and me are investors not bettors who like to bite their nails during the match.

@sandy my friend, I am against the separation of a baby cow and its mother. Did you ever see a mother cow crying for its baby? How do you think your milk comes to your table? Calcium is in all green veggies. And the calcium in pure milk has no good as the elements are arranged for the good of a baby cow not an human adult. Please search. Cow milk is not even good for a g
02/26/2014 - 20:39
The favorites played like cowards. Especially Terry was almost his shorts.

First half 1 goal was ignored.

Second half 1 ball hit the bar SO WHERE IS THIS CHELSEA? WHO IS UNDERDOG HERE? I just saw 500 million Euros of cowards.

Do not try to win try to invest....
02/26/2014 - 23:40
So, you really believe goal in first half should have been counted for Galatasaray, really?
02/27/2014 - 00:02
Stop Crying. Play was already stopped when the first half goal was stopped because there were two balls on the pitch. Chelsea got their away goal. Advantage to Chelsea. In the return leg, Galatasaray will suffer humiliation. LOL
02/27/2014 - 00:09
@Mictlan I am not sure if the ignored goal should have been counted or not. If I was referee I would sent off Terry for sure.

What I know is that Terry is not the man.
He is a coward and he can not play like a man.
02/27/2014 - 00:14
You did not win anything fox, why are you so happy? This is a 2-leg match. Can't you see Chelsea have the advantage with the away goal!! In front of their 52000 fans, galatasaray cannot win. This is really sad. They will soon get kicked out of champions league now. My sympathy to you. Don't cry. You must be a galatasaray fan because you are so biased.
02/27/2014 - 00:15
Ok, thanks for you reply, just wanted to clarify that cause it looked like you wanted to say the goal should have stood 100%. :)
02/27/2014 - 00:34

@Burak I win this month again like in most of the months. How about you? Can help some to generate profit? I guess you bet on Chelsea and upset with me. :D

Those staked on Chelsea lost....
02/27/2014 - 00:46
@Burak you're out of your element
@Burak we are not interested in CHL we are investing.
@Burak you are out of your element because you think I am a GS fanatic. An other ignorant who has no idea about my picks and history.

LOW IQ PROBLEM. Stop drinking cow milk and be more analytic. :D
02/27/2014 - 01:02
@Mictlan My pleasure.
02/27/2014 - 01:15
You are not even in top 10. LOL. You do not even play your own bets. You keep posting anything, just trying your luck with big odds. You are here only for the prize which you cannot win. You are a GS fanatic. Everyone can see it. You are the one with the low IQ. Give Galatasaray good milk next time if they want to beat chelsea. LOL :D Your prediction did not win anything and so much fake arrogance in you. Stop crying about referees, Terry, this will not change anything that Chelsea have the advantage with the away goal. Be analytic. LOL :D
02/27/2014 - 01:24
So much fuss about a no-bet. Fox must have drunk Donkey Milk today because he thinks he has won the jackpot with this no-bet prediction.
02/27/2014 - 01:28
@Burak The more you speak the more you prove that your IQ is low.

But don't get offended. It is not bad. You just think slow and little.

All you say is a lie. Because you are a fanatic. The last time I won a prize I granted it for a friend. :D ASK TO ADMIN...

If you claim that I am not betting my own picks you already prove that you are a slanderer because you do not know me and you have no evidence.


02/27/2014 - 01:37
Why is this guy fox praising himself so much because of a void bet???

He is disrespecting all the other tipsters here. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes wrong. This does not mean that the other tipsters are s**t.

So many times you have lost and so many times the other tipsters have won but they did not make a drama like you are doing. There are many other tipsters who are above you. Be humble.
02/27/2014 - 01:38
@Crucima you are an other one who has no idea about what I drink. At least read the last paragraph of the preview then you may change your joke and be more feasible.
02/27/2014 - 01:39
@Semih The answer to your question is the comments. Read them one by one and realize where the hassle starts.

Anyone who lies and slanders will get my answer.

Can you please prove in which comment I claimed I was the best tipster. People here accusing me being a fanatic and I am telling them to check my past. Don you get it? Or are you just writing here according to my last words?

Besides check my tips and how much I was attacked and how much I tried to be patient. How much I was slandered....

There is a limit and I am not going to be a gentleman anymore...
02/27/2014 - 01:54
@Semih Don take me wrong but you just type to make a comment here.

I am a responsible tipster here. And majority of my picks are my domestic league or Turkey related UEFA matches. I AM NOT POSTING TIPS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WHICH IS NOT VERY TOUGH FOR ME. However I believe the most right thing is to post from your domestic league or also an other which you really pay attention. When ppl accuse that I am here for the prize it starts giving pain.... There are so many bets for tomorrow but I will just post on Trabzonspor as because I should do so....

I should also post Rubin to win as it
02/27/2014 - 02:06

When GS in their stadium were completely humiliated by Real Madrid in front of their 52652 fans (final score 1 - 6) , then which milk did you and GS drink? Now, you just come in and criticize all the other tipsters in a sarcastic way with your stupid milk story because of your bet which has won you nothing at all and is void!
02/27/2014 - 02:17
@Crucima is this what you can only find?

My milk story is an explanation of how odds are mistaken like in real life milk health is a lie. However you are out of your element too. I never claimed milk is good. are you lost or what .... Find all my GS picks and make calculation if you are very much interested in proving that I am what you say....Don't mislead people by picking one of my preview here....

GS defeated Real 3 rimes in history and even grabbed the Super Cup. Besides Real can defeat any team 1-6 like they did in Germany tonight and like they had done to many teams on Earth...
02/27/2014 - 02:33
Where are you MR. Football Experts?
Why don't you talk?
What is your reason?
Why did Chelsea play to preserve the draw in the second half?
What were they so tired?
Why did goal keeper Peter Che got yellow card?
What was he so afraid of?
Why did Torres have to leave? Was he tired?
I am sure you know football and for sure you have got answers.
You were talking before the match where are you now beautiful people?

And those who claim that I am a fanatic; Are you still going to insult me? Are you still going to call me a GS fanatic after checking below picks? What kind of men are you
02/27/2014 - 08:33

When people told you Galatasaray will not win against Antalya, you claimed to be an expert and made everyone lose. You are a bad loser! Everyone knows now that you are a small minded person. You make so much noise because of your void bet. Go and talk about all your losses and about the profits of the other tipsters which are greater than you! You are also a liar, you say you write only for turkey teams, then who has written these lost previews in Argentina League and Copa Libertadores??? Did you copy from someone and then
02/27/2014 - 11:52
@Crucima You are trying to be a hero with your cheap evidences. You did the same thing again. You tried to win with a pick from 500 picks. Can you please show me the tipster who is better than me in Turkey super League and in Turkey League 1 or UEFA related Turkish teams? I am talking about betshoot tipster. Now don go and search all the internet. Lol..

YOU CAN NOT. Your have no analyze...all you do is to find a way to embarrass me. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY YOU CAN NOT PROVE THAT I AM A BAD TIPSTER IN BETSHOOT. Of course I am not the best neither...
But after so much hassle I will keep
02/27/2014 - 12:28
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