Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton by KlaskeFar

It basicly feels like watching a new episode of Game of Thrones every single day at the moment. Trump came out as a meteor slamming the established political situation of Amerika asunder. Without Trump no one would be talking boarder control, without trump no one would be talking of corrupt politicians and no one would be talking of the derailed downhill roller coaster that is American economy at the moment.


I will explain below why America is at the biggest turning point in our life times, why Trump will win. Why Clinton is on the road to prison and not president. And how much corruption USA is actually finding itself in


So who is Trump and why Trump? He is the only kind of candidate that could make a significant difference for the republicans. The game in american politics has always been that the media works as priests did in the middle ages, they are the ones to give their blessing and to crown the king, king being the president in this case. This is no longer the case however. After pulling his media stunt off successively, Trump has continuously made a fool of the mainstream media, tricking them into giving him attention which they thought would be a bad thing.. Well Trump does not follow the path they put for him to follow, into an ambush of making him look like an insane rich guy. He is honest, he is direct and short in words that normal people can understand and relate to. He understands how to communicate with the average american, suffering under current political and economical situation. What does the media do? They throw gasoline on the bonfire thinking that its water


Trump has basicly had everyone against him, except one major factor.. Which is the wikileaks. Since the debates started, Julian Assage has promised that he will be leaking deleted E-mails that will implode Hillery and her campaign. So far Assage has kept his word, bombshell after bombshell, he has been dropping information leaks, that show how deep the corruption of Hillery Clinton and the democrats has went.


Whats even better, is that the FBI has currently picked Hillerys E-mail case up again. Rumors has it that there has been a smaller rebellion inside the FBI since James Comey dismissed Hillerys trial, there has been strong evidence, 100% accurate, that Hillery has actually broken her vow to keep classified information secret, by having her emails on an unprotected email server, and in general being totally irrespnsible. Other US official has had their lives ruined from 1/5 of what Hillery has done.


Hillerys health has also been a question, with her crazy coughs, blackouts occouring and mental sanity jumping out from her at moments. There is reason to believe aswell, that she is develloping Parkinsons disease, being on drugs and simular arguments have been made.


Hillery has never been popular with the american public, they know this, and their hope to get down Trump has went so low that their attacks currently consists of sexual scandals only, with the media releasing a video of Trump talking Lockerroom Talk in 2005. While Wikileaks released critical information about the corruption of the clintons. Whats even worse, is that polls are actually showing positive numbers for Trump, the democrats do not know what to do about this, and some of the most prominent democrats knows that Trump as president could mean the end of their political career. I think they are scared shitless. And the current situation is so far out, that the democrats and Hillery are threatening Russia with military answer for assumed Cyber attacked performed to rigg the election ,which they have produced no proof of being by Russia, or having happened at all.


Russia is taking this threat extremely Serious, they are prepared their people for an all out war, Puting having sent letters to all Russian officials outside Russias borders, that they need to get home immediately, both them and family. Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov has been quoted, ''the election of Hillery equals war''.


The polls currently show a mixed picture of the race in the polls. The most accurate poll through past elections has put Trump at 42% of the votes, and Hillery at just 39.9% polls in the mainstream media will show you that Trump is far down, and the Hillery is winning to discourage people from going to vote for Trump. But that illusion that they are trying to produce, is starting to fade. Trump is gaining momentum


I hope with all my heart that Trump will win this. What the future holds for us is hard to predict right now, but the american public are starting to see the true picture of American politicians, and it is uglier than ever.


For the record, the odds on Trump has tropped from odds 7 just a few weeks ago, down to 3.25 as we see now.

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Comments (24)
I really hope that you are right my friend. It's hard to believe for someone like me who lives in Australia,where every show on TV or article in magazines just tell people how bad is going to be for the whole world if Trump wins. Nothing about Hitlery
11/02/2016 - 01:18
I am also for Trump. Following this one for a month already. Debates, rallies, reports. I love the Trump pick. Have it @ 3.90 in Betrally.
11/02/2016 - 04:09
Well, Game of Thrones SCREAMS matryarchy. I don't think it's a coincidence, more like a clue.
11/03/2016 - 02:18
Are we really placing vacuous bets on a subject as important as this? I find it shocking and not only to find out that there are those supporting an extravagant madman to be the head of the most important country in the world.
Also, i fail to understand the author's comparison of Clinton to Hitler. Is it meant to be funny? Does klaskefar even know who Hitler was and what he's done?
11/03/2016 - 14:25
Everyone places bets anyway in an election like this. Look at Brexit, and how much money people put on them to vote stay.

I dont compare Clinton to Hitler though, but speaking of it, i would argue Hillery is worse than Hitler ever was, although its much less apparent, so i pardon you for not seeing that.

I would recommend that you investigate Stefan Molyneux coverage of the situation, and if you wanna look it up yourself.. Have a look at Wikileaks.

The people backing Hillery with money and cronism are working towards creating a world order, where we are all put under the boots of those few people with the right connections and relations. That is not a world i want to live in, if hillery is elected, we are all one step closer to being jews in the light that Hitler saw them.
11/03/2016 - 19:46
You didn't make the comparison, I'm sorry, somehow I misread hillery as hitlery. My bad. (Can't imagine why you call her hillery anyway, but i don't think i want to know)

Yes, i'm sure Hilary Clinton is much worse than Hitler in every conceivable aspect. You proved your point. Anything you say :D
11/03/2016 - 20:17
Henrik Mikkeller (new tipster)
You should not allow tips like this to be placed on the site - politics has no place here.

My first comment was not published but I feel strongly that this is not a forum for political views.

If the tip were unbiased and only based on stats/odds, then maybe... but it's not.

For what it's worth I desperately hope your tip loses as the world will be a significantly worse off place if that man is elected to office.
11/04/2016 - 02:26
This is a bet based on you wanting Trump to win. Your cluelessness shows immediately when you state that without Trump, nobody would be talking about border security. Reality is, Obama has been trying to secure the border further for years but has, as almost always, been obstructed by other, Republican held branches. This is a fact. Most Americans are like you though: they follow populists, but when you're writing a preview like this you should at least mention the facts.

Another thing you fail to mention is his biggest obstacle: the electoral college. Its odd that you don't mention such a thing, to do a football comparison it would be like writing a preview for Team X to beat Team Y without mentioning that Team X plays with 5 players less.

The electoral college is the entire reason the whole Brexit argument is extremely silly to bring up when arguing for Trump to cause an upset. That election was a simple yes/no question where people's votes were counted and whichever answer got the most votes won. That is so far from the case in the American presidential election because Hillary has a huge advantage before anything even starts due to the electoral college.

Also, keep your conspiracy theories about Hillary being sick for the comment section on Alex Jones videos.
11/04/2016 - 16:26
I placed my bet when odds were around 6. What some people can't see is how maistream media pushes these elections in a particular narrative. Polls dont matter. Trump supporters will turn up as he represents change and vote Republican and Hillary's as she is the status q
11/04/2016 - 23:31
iniestaone i am not saying i cant be biased. As much objectivity there is needed to prove a point or truth, i try to provide my very best.

But a preview is not just about statistics and about being completely objective. To me its about capturing the argument, and broarden it out as far as possible, on a fair amount of text. Writing a true preview would take days, and no one would really read it.

And its actually the exact same thing about Trump. He understands that he cannot take an abstract point which might be important, because it will get hammered with leftist non-argumental propaganda. Thats how the left has won, since their socialist experiement soviet russia collapsed, by applying to feelings and drawing statements, not actual arguments with logic, reason and evidence behind it.

And if you seriously believe Obama has been trying to put up a serious wall for America. Then why is he currently working overtime, to legalize that currently illigal immigrants before Trump has a chance to deport them?

Nothing else than a populist can win the fight for freedom right now, so thats where i put my workeffort money and hope. Everyone else has been bought and paid for, just like Obama, Clinton and the Bush family, you name a politician who isn't besides Trump.
11/05/2016 - 03:09
Oh Goodness,
"matryarchy. I don't think it's a coincidence, more like a clue." Well that is interesting but not the time yet, because Hillary is not Daenerys or whichever woman do you have in mind. It will still take time raise another. Clinton was too goofy.
*"Politics has no place on this site." Perhaps in the comments, perhaps in your eyes/mind. It's a valid bet.
**Illegal immigrants are exactly that...illegal. I have real question marks you really care about them unless you are related.
***"Trump is a populist".
****"Hillary has huge advantage bacause of this electoral college". This advantage was not huge and is not anymore there. @Iniestaone, his tip is no different than any of your tips where you took a Dog that didn't bark. Plain. Simple. You are like all of us free to bet 1000 dollars to win 250 with your bet on Clinton. Meanwhile the OP is like others too free to try 62.5 dollars on 4.0 odds. that will give him your Clinton profit. But I guess you knew that and all here are not doing else than come hotheaded into clashing each others opinions. This Trump pick has becomed quite popular. the odds at 3.25 are really low and expect them to sink even to 2.5 until Tuesday. That doesn't mean it will cash. But you knew that too. There is always alternative. If prediction correct then odds on Hillary will raise to 1.5 or 1.6. that will allow all of you to stake even fewer dollars on her to win.
11/05/2016 - 16:50
LOL any chance of place a win or draw? (x2)... hahahaha this sound funny.
11/07/2016 - 12:48
People, Trump is winning right now in the polls and he is given odds of is outsider. Leaving politics aside since this is a betting proposition, TRUMP IS A LOOSING BET. Never underestimete the bookies. Brexit was a surprise, Trump at the same odds is NOT.
11/07/2016 - 13:06
dearrow hurricane
from the betting view of point it is not good to put large monies on hold till election results are anounced. well, if y have somethin in purse, do it. me would prefer next euroleague or champions league round. the same odds, the same probability.
secondly, me think trump would win, but that`s vanitas vanitatum. nothin changes in usa after pres elections. economic domestic policy does not change, foreign policy remains the same. maybe little fluctuations for pr, that`s it. president of usa is not ruler or king, other guys are. that`s the point
anyway, gl if y bet
11/07/2016 - 16:23
11/07/2016 - 16:37
dearrow hurricane
from the betting view of point it is not good to put large monies on hold till election results are anounced. well, if y have somethin in purse, do it. me would prefer next euroleague or champions league round. the same odds, the same probability.
secondly, me think trump would win, but that`s vanitas vanitatum. nothin changes in usa after pres elections. economic domestic policy does not change, foreign policy remains the same. maybe little fluctuations for pr, that`s it. president of usa is not ruler or king, other guys are. that`s the point
anyway, gl if y bet
11/07/2016 - 17:10
is it worth odds for both? hahaha
11/07/2016 - 20:09
Ozzy B
I put money on Trump, but reversing my bet as of today (broke even). Florida, which is a microcosm of the US, has seen a surge in early black and latino voters. Florida is a major swing state, so if there has been a surge in these voters it is likely that it is happening across the US. More early latino voters now than there was overall back in 2012.

And guess who they will be voting for? Not Trump.

Read 'Florida’s Early Vote Ends With Record Turnout In Democratic Strongholds' in Huffington Post

11/07/2016 - 21:17
Uyi Otoghile
I hope to see a new record real quick................Hillary Clinton .
11/07/2016 - 23:50
Hilary here
11/08/2016 - 19:22
Like everbody was thinking that hilary wil sure wins.....but like always when the curtains close the truth comes out.
11/09/2016 - 06:38
Yes......the truth out there......great money trumpy gonna wins!!!!!!!!!!!
11/09/2016 - 07:38
Why the *%©% yall are happy about Money? This is disaster in much bigger perspective.
11/09/2016 - 12:53
Pana Fan
My God, still can't recover. Made a killing on the mexican pesso, no coparison on betting on Trup outright folks. Politics - not of my interest. Only the power of $$$s.
11/09/2016 - 13:54
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