best tipsters competition

with prizes delivers a sum of 500 EUR in total to the best tipsters of every month. The top 4 gets 100 EUR each (50 by Moneybookers + 50 in Bet365 account). 5th and 6th tipster, gets 50 EUR each by Moneybookers. Read our Bet365 review.

An additional prize of 20 EUR by Moneybookers will be given to the early poster of the month. Every 1st of the month, the winners are announced in the forum.

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Best tipsters this month

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Soviet+ 8.80 M00naco+ 7.35 MrGarf+ 6.66 Lind-2.24 InSpiritum-7.00 Catalonec-8.00 Romanista-15.00 Rahul-19.00

Top 10 All time

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Mrgol+ 1049.61 Soccerfan+ 871.01 Jompy+ 813.44 Dex+ 468.04 R0nald1nh0+ 345.81 Goleador+ 293.71 Serialtips+ 267.12 Foxserkan+ 253.38 NBAer+ 247.68 InSpiritum+ 240.43

On hot streak

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Petry2516 - 0 - 4 InSpiritum16 - 0 - 4 Antonio15 - 1 - 4 Zvone_os2314 - 1 - 5 Sebmc14 - 0 - 6 BetKas14 - 0 - 6 CheGuevara13 - 2 - 5 R0nald1nh013 - 1 - 6 Soccerfan12 - 1 - 7 MrGarf12 - 1 - 7
  1. The winners of every month will be those that will have the highest monthly profit. If two of them will have the same profit, we will consider yield.
  2. You must have at least 10 picks in the related month to be eligible to win any prize.
  3. You can only write 1 pick for the same game.
  4. You are not allowed to make a pick with under @1.30 odds (1.30 is acceptable).
  5. Pick posting time is minimum three hours before the start of the game.
  6. Previews must be written with understanding English language, and it's size should be more than 5 lines. Short previews without any useful info, bad language used, or only statistics written, will be deleted.
  7. No more than stake 8/10 is allowed for odds from @3.20 to @3.99, no more than stake 6/10 is allowed for odds from @4.00 till @5.99 and no more than stake 4/10 is allowed for odds equal or bigger than @6.00, disregarding the type of the bet.
  8. Do not post continuously with high stakes (9/10 ,10/10). Those that will show prize hunting behavior will be removed from the tipsters competition. Admins have the right to modify your stakes anytime.
  9. Copy/paste previews from other betting sites, or from famous sports and football news sites (BBC, Skysports, etc) are not allowed.
  10. Those that already writing for other betting sites, can post the same previews here too, except if the other site they work for, do not allow this.
  11. Previews containing doubles or any other combos are not accepted, no matter if it is football, tennis or any other sport.
  12. Maximum number of previews per day is 8 for each person. Bigger number of previews sometimes will be allowed if there is some special tournament.
  13. For American sports punters, please instead of Home or Away win, try to write the name of the team. American bookies are using the names of home and away teams reverted, so just to avoid any complications.
  14. Tipsters cannot publish 4th preview/pick for the same match/betting event if three other tipsters have already published. Only three tipsters are allowed to post preview/pick for the same betting event regardless on posted outcome. If you see three picks for the same game already written - do not post fourth, it will be deleted. This rule do not apply for Champions League, Europa League and some other big tournaments..
  15. Those who will reach -200 units will be removed.

Any rule may be changed , added or removed by the admins, at any time, announced here. If you have any suggestions for these rules, send us a mail with your suggestion.

Overall performance
Best tipsters competition
This month's profit: -28.43 Units
Total Profit: + 4163.27 Units
Latest bets from Betshoot tipsters
01.11 Basketball Chicago Bulls - Cleveland Cavs Romanista @2.04
01.11 Basketball Indiana Pacers - Memphis Lind @1.71
01.11 Basketball LA Clippers - LA Lakers InSpiritum @1.72
01.11 Basketball LA Lakers - LA Clippers Rahul @1.67
01.11 Basketball LA Lakers - LA Clippers Lind @1.77
01.11 Basketball M. Bucks - Philadelphia Lind @1.74
01.11 Basketball Phoenix Suns - SA Spurs M00naco @2.05
01.11 Basketball Phoenix Suns - SA Spurs Rahul @1.95
01.11 Basketball S. Kings - Portland Rahul @1.67
01.11 Basketball S. Kings - Portland Lind @1.74
01.11 Ice Hockey Calgary - Nashville Romanista @2.15
01.11 Ice Hockey Columbus - Toronto Soviet @1.88
01.11 Ice Hockey Columbus - Toronto Catalonec @1.90
01.11 Basketball Paulisto - Flamengo MrGarf @1.74
31.10 Football Zulte Waregem - Genk iSpree @2.07
31.10 Football Schalke - Augsburg iSpree @1.88
31.10 Football Schalke - Augsburg Romanista @1.95
31.10 Football Schalke - Augsburg Andcruzfaria @1.85
31.10 Ice Hockey Hamburg Freezers - Augsburg Ozello90 @2.25
31.10 Ice Hockey Hamburg Freezers - Augsburg Crasher @2.72
31.10 Football Eindhoven - Jong Ajax Vlada13 @1.65
31.10 Basketball Unicaja - Limoges Robert @3.60
31.10 Basketball Cedevita - CSKA Moscow Robert @3.28