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Our blog tries to stand against those who consider football as the game of superstars and showbiz. Football is something more complex and plays its own role in society. Is a free activity, whether played on the street or on a 80,000 capacity stadium, and can provide the same thrill. Our author, Neuro, is trying to cover football stories and sports facts that usually travel outside the borders with one goal: To improve our knowledge about football and let us remember some events that can not go unnoticed.

Draw No Bet – What it means

draw no bet

Draw No Bet is a type of betting offered by many online bookmakers, became quite popular among players and is one of the most popular betting options for special bets.

In simple words, it’s a bet where the draw returns your stake. If the match you have bet ends in a draw, all your money will be returned to you. No profit, no loss.

But let’s look at an example to understand better:Read the full article…

The most wasteful teams of Premier League

Premier League transfers

The January transfer window is in progress, but for Premier League nothing special happened, except rumors. Rumors say that Manchester United will have an intense period in order to improve the climate that exists in the team, but we are still waiting.

Let’s take a look at the five most wasteful teams in the magic world of England’s Premier League.Read the full article…

Bulgaria embraces a blind football fan

Dobri Bulgaria Blind Fan

Dobri (21 years old) from Bulgaria, is a devoted fan of CSKA Sofia but is not a classic case of a fan. He is blind and currently living his dream…

A friend of him decided to make a surprise and in cooperation with a television show, managed to help Dobri to attend a match of his favorite team and also to closely meet his idols: The coach of CSKA Stoycho Mladenov and his players!Read the full article…

The law of Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola

“The challenge is not to get to the top but to stay there.”

This saying fits perfectly in the cases of David Moyes and Pep Guardiola, on last year’s champions Manchester United and Bayern Munich respectively.

Indeed, about the case of David Moyes, there are already many critics questioning his coaching aspirations and doubt if his status is consistent with that of United, but things are different with Guardiola. Bayern won everything last year, reaching an incredible treble and the Spanish coach is trying to succeed again.Read the full article…

Paul Scholes: The legendary midfielder

Paul Scholes

Before 19 years ago, Paul Scholes made his debut with the shirt of Manchester United.

“Many great players passed from Manchester United. Paul Scholes is my favorite for many reasons…”

When you hear one of the biggest ‘legends’ of world football talking about you that way, you feel nothing else except gratitude. These words belong to Sir Bobby Charlton, the man who was the living hope of Manchester United in a ‘black’ era for the club, led the team to glory and achieved to make Manchester United one of the biggest clubs in football history.Read the full article…

EuroBasket 2013: The top 10 NBAers

EuroBasket 2013

EuroBasket 2013 is just around the corner with 28 representatives from NBA participating in the event.

The absents of this year’s EuroBasket might be a lot, but again the stars will abound in the stadiums of Slovenia. Most of them originate from NBA, which counts 28 representatives in the tournament, despite the absence of Gasol, Nowitzki, Bargnani, Gallinari, Kirilenko and several Europeans aces, who decided not to participate in this year for various reasons.

The teams with the most NBAers are France and Spain (4), while only 8 of the 24 teams in the tournament will not have a representative from NBA.

Let have a quick look at the top 10 stars of NBA who will be in Slovenia for EuroBasket 2013:Read the full article…