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No space for Rooney inside starting XI?

England Euro 2016

Almost out of nowhere English national squad in offensive part seems to be so strong that there might not be space for Wayne Rooney inside the starting lineup. Their current national team manager Roy Hodgson might be having a real headache!

Hodgson is probably aware that his offensive duo that scored all together 49 goals in Premiership, simply has to start the European Championship, cause simply no one can remember when the English national squad had two players who were at the top of the goalscorers’ list in Premier League.

Offensive rise almost out of nowhere

Only few years back, English side looked like a team that is not going into the bright future, however now it seems that there’s no other national squad with a bigger potential than the team that will be led by manager Roy Hodgson. However, so much disputed manager will probably be having a headache, not because of the final list of 23 players, but because of his starting lineup in the opening game against Russia.

Sunday’s game against the Turkish national team showed that they can easily work in a really good way even without players of Manchester United, as they were absent due their FA Cup finals. Truth to be told, with the exception of Wayne Rooney and maybe Chris Smalling, Red Devils have no proper player that could be involved in the starting lineup this Summer. However, after the performances seen by Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane, there’s a logical question whether Wayne Rooney has his position granted inside the starting IX at all?

Rooney-less might be the faster way

Their manager is probably aware that the potential of these two is something that the team needs to exploit in France. Even if Hodgson opts for a 4-3-3 formation, starting position might be given to Raheem Sterling in front of Wayne Rooney – simply due the fact that many would say that the English side isn’t that fast without offensive midfielder from Manchester City. Rooney could get a place behind Vardy and Kane, however that would be a risky gamble.

Probability that Rooney doesn’t get the starting position was somehow hinted even by Hodgson, who is surely aware of probable pressure for Rooney, in case the captain starts the EURO with a poor performance, disregarding the fact that he is the best goalscorer in the history of their national team.

“Wayne Rooney did a good job for England. His record is fantastic, he is an important part of the team, but the player isn’t demanding to start the game at the EURO opening. Neither do I have any kind of pressure to involve him into the team”, Hodgson said recently.

Others seem to be in their life forms

He also added that the captain needs to be the captain in the locker room and that there’s no way he should be involved into the talks who is gonna play and who isn’t. “I didn’t consult with Wayne. I wouldn’t like to put that kind of burden at his shoulders. He is a captain and that’s his part of responsibility in comparison to other players, but I don’t want to drag him into unfortunate position like mine currently is. We are talking about the names constantly – however, Ray Lewington, Gary Neville and I – we don’t need the opinion of the fourth man”.

Nobody can question the quality of Wayne Rooney, neither the influence he has as a true legend of English football, but the fact is that his career is going into the wrong direction, all together with the downtrend of Manchester United as a club. All the other players are somehow close to their peak, while his direct “opponents” for the starting lineup are in their life form.

Nobody can also guarantee that Jamie Vardie will ever again repeat this kind of the season, however his current form and quality are immeasurable for this national team. Same thing goes for Harry Kane, who completely managed to repeat the success from previous season, but also to improve himself even further, so his final potential seems like endless at the moment. At the same time, the fact is that neither of these are even close to Rooney’s record in national team, which also plays a big role in huge tournaments like this one.


One way or another, there’s no doubt that Roy Hodgson will be having a headache before the start of the tournament, since he couldn’t even imagine such “difficult situation” only couple of years earlier.

England will be playing in France together with Russia, Wales and Slovakia in Group B, but most likely, everything will be crystal clear for them after the opening game against Russia. No doubt that the game will make a huge impact on their targets for the further competition, but also it will create the public opinion inside the country.

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