NHL: Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh

Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Preview

Team matchup: Pittsburgh Penguins are back. I already said it before, that this series is still not over. Anyone who got odds @51 on Penguins to win Stanley cup, made great job, because I think they are hot, they are playing great hockey again and they have great chances to win this one to. Philadelphia Flyers was leading 3-0 this series, but I they are missing couple of important players, including Chris Pronger. And in this type of game, they could be crucial. Both teams are playing very offensive hockey, this is also reason, why I am taking this odds. Pittsburgh is the best team in NHL and I always look to bet on dogs, but in this case, they are the real deal. Pittsburgh outplayed most of the teams in regular season, they were the best offensive team with 3.33 goals/game. In playoffs, they are even better in offense. The only problem was their defense. But they still won last two games. They are in must win situation again, because they are trailing 2-3 and if they lose, they are out. On other side Philadelphia is also very good team, but if they were better in first three games, they were outplayed in last two games by Pittsburgh 5-13 in goals.

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Goalie matchup: Both goalies struggle this series, one of the reasons is, that both offense are very good. So, I will not give any edge here.

Reason for pick: Pittsburgh is the best team in NHL so far, what I saw this year. Most dominating team and they have all lines very good, on other side Philadelphia is playing whole year without some important players, including one of the best defense man in NHL Chris Pronger. This game is very important for both teams and I think Pittsburgh is more experienced team and they also outplayed Flyers by 5-13 in last 2 games. They have overall better offense,  defense, PK and they are better in face offs, which gives them edge in attacking. I take this odds because Penguins score a lot and they can make that difference. 3 of 5 games in this series were decided by 2 goals or more. In fact it was +7, +3 and +4 in these games.

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