Sibenik vs Svjetlost

Sibenik Svjetlost Betting Preview

Croatian A1 league is relatively low profile league in a meaning of getting adequate information in a right time and the reason is simple-there are only a few relevant sources. That means that mistakes are possible when trying to catch the value early, but I will not change that habit-it is still profitable in a long term. Svjetlost hosted Zagreb on Saturday in a game where they were crushed even before halftime. The outcome of this encounter became obvious when it was clear that SG Batina and SF/PF Stimac are definitely out for this game. Unfortunately for my call that info came too late. This team is a 5 players team that I’ve already described in several occasion, and with these two out, they have no chances against anybody in this league. They are too inferior physically, by size, by experience, by their skills… In this edition this team would struggle even on 1 game per week and this tempo seems overwhelming already. There are no injury updates about the condition of these two, but even if they will play, they are not fit, that’s for sure.

Sibenik had all the bad luck in the world in their first 4 games, combination of extremely tough schedule (@Zagreb, @Cibona, @Split) plus deportation of their two new players(Sinadinovic, McLain) by police (have not had a working licence) resulted in 0/4 and significant setback for their ambitions. Team’s leader is without a doubt PG Ross who is obviously affected by all these stuff around the club and he’s not a shadow of that amazing player that led this team in a great way. The team showed a slight recovery @Split at Friday despite the loss, and that could be the light at the end of the tunnel. Both Zadar and Sibenik did more of a harm to themselves with signing all these foreigners, it is clear that none of this players is actually a great addition and the rotation was disrupted without a proper reason. This team enjoyed playing together before this unfortunate period and Svjetlost could pay the price for their frustration in this one.

Bet: Sibenik -15.5 points @1.95 with Pinnacle Sports


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